The Secret Island
34 16 0 1.13+

Created by Team Blocksanity. A well known and eccentric billionaire has passed away. Not having any family to inherit his wealth. A committee was formed of the top minds of all Minecraft. They were tasked by the billionaire to find the most worthy candidate to inherit his most secret of islands. Situated in an un-disclosed location in the Pacific Ocean. A private wonderland that could b...

Metroid Bounty Hunter
24 6 0 1.12+

Created by Tsunami67. You are Samus Aran, the legendary bounty hunter. You have no more missions to accomplish, but you notice a strange planet, that seems to be a temporal rift itself. Upon trying to land on it, the temporal rift transports you into an unknown area, that links 7 different areas from your past. You ll face numerous enemies throughout all 7 levels to gain Credits, which will be...

Herobrines Mansion
36 8 0 1.12+

Created by Hypixel. This is a co-op map, but can be played in single player. Herobrine s Mansion Adventure Map Features: 6 unique boss fights, Customized monsters, Elite monsters that has chances to drop, Demonic Set, Shops, Item sets and other unique items, No mods required, Herobrine, Storyline by commandblocks, 4 secret rooms, Custom potions, 1 to 2 hours of gameplay.

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